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National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) is a non-profit, independent think tank committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods through widening access to markets for the poor as a function of improved policy and systems. We have a focus on underdeveloped communities in Africa and in the UK-based diaspora. Our mission is to end the likelihood of inter-generational poverty transfers within African communities in under a generation, using our unique insights and approaches to inform sound policy-making. We engage in conversations with policy makers around the world, continuously striving to make sustainable development an emphasis within the international community. We are currently developing the first comprehensive database of sustainable development solutions for Africa. Keep up with the latest on our Twitter feed (@aid4tradeNIAS).



Burundian Dilemma: a political quandary

What are root causes of the crisis in Burundi and could a political agreement potentially resurrect the economy? NIAS analyses the perilously tense situation.

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Injurious Aid: media in the charity sector

The damaging impacts of the negative portrayal of Africa for humanitarian fundraising, and what can be changed. NIAS dissects the need for a nuanced media perspective.

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Parents in the driver's seat: education

African countries are losing out on opportunities to educate a new cohort of future leaders. NIAS researchers identify opportunities and actors to drive education.

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