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Parents in the driver’s seat: A new research agenda for primary education in Africa

by Milou Vanmulken

By: Milou Vanmulken We have reached an era where the need for Universal Primary Education is widely acknowledged by global actors. As part of this consensus, UNICEF and the World Bank launched the Fee Abolition Initiative in 2006 and Universal Primary Education took root in international organisations, became a child right, and became part and…

Funding Models: the key to reviving primary education?

by Milou Vanmulken

  • Posted on August 22, 2016

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Universal primary education – a legacy of the Millennium Development Goals – has become the norm in many African countries today. More children than ever before are enrolled in primary education. Yet, the worsening experience of pupils should by now have taught us that schooling for all is no guarantee for less income inequality or…