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Editorial Board

Call for Editorial Board Members


Dele Williams, CEO NIAS, dele@africanstudies.org.uk

Dele has been the Executive Director of NIAS since April 2014. He co-founded the institute in 2000 whilst still a third-year law student. He previously worked as a lecturer in human rights law and an international trade and entertainment lawyer.

Editorial Assistant

Andrej Sagaidak, Arctic University of Norway, andrej@africanstudies.org.uk

Andrej holds an MPhil in Conflict Resolution Studies and has experience of working as a journalist and writer. He is passionate about promoting peace and development, especially regardings his home country, Ukraine.

Publishing Assistant

Sweeya Nidamarthi, University of Southampton, publications@africanstudies.org.uk

Sweeya obtained a BA in English, and has experience in copywriting. She is passionate about African literature, postcolonial theory and education for sustainable development.