Dele Williams

Executive Director, dele@africanstudies.org.uk

Dele has been the Executive Director since April 2014. He co-founded the institute in 2000 whilst still a third-year law student. He previously worked as a lecturer in human rights law and as an international trade and entertainment lawyer.

Luke Kwamya


Prior to joining NIAS, Luke worked in public sector management for 20 years within the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Local Authorities. He specialises in commissioning and contracts, budgets, and strategy management.

Krishna Regmi

Director (Research)

Prior to joining the NIAS board, Dr. Regmi worked as an academic lead/principal lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bedfordshire. He is Executive Editor of the Journal of Primary Health Care, specialising in health reform and global health.

Anita King

Director (HR/Admin)

Anita is an experienced HR professional with more than 30 years work experience in HR & managerial roles within the recruitment & real estate sectors. She was a successful entrepreneur before retiring to focus on social enterprises.

Femi Jolaoso


Femi has organised events for NIAS since 2010, specialising in those related to government policy and international institutions, especially dealing with healthcare-related aid and development. He is a qualified healthcare professional.

Edlira Fisniku

Accounts Officer, accounts@africanstudies.org.uk

Edlira Fisniku currently working as an Accounts Officer, an enthusiastic and talented individual with a keen eye for detail and a flair for accounts. With more than 2 years of experience in processing high volumes of invoices and credit notes in accordance with strict financial guidelines.

Andrej Sagaidak

Research Assistant, andrej@africanstudies.org.uk

Andrej holds an MPhil in Conflict Resolution Studies and has experience of working as a journalist and writer. He is passionate about promoting peace and development, especially regarding his home country, Ukraine.

Mazhar Chaudhry

Research Assistant, publications@africanstudies.org.uk

Mazhar has over eight years of experience in the electronic discovery and forensic computing sectors. He has been involved in an assortment of electronic discovery investigations from utilising technologies to processing large quantities of electronic data through to project managing and providing consulting and support to legal professionals.

Kieran Davis

Research Assistant, kieran@africanstudies.org.uk

Sophia Hazza

Research Assistant, publications@africanstudies.org.uk

Rutendo Nembaware

Research Assistant, publications@africanstudies.org.uk