Africa Data Project

Africa Data Project

“Doing Good the Right Way”


The organisation’s exciting new initiative, the Africa Data Project (ADP), focuses on providing individuals, private and public institutions in the UK with easy access to accurate contextual information and well analysed data regarding previous and planned development initiatives and private investments in Africa.

The ADP will take the form of an online database, built to allow users to easily search for a range of different measures and criteria.

NIAS believes that there  is a need to understand the background and history of interventions that have taken place prior in order to achieve sustainable development and profitable investment in African countries. The ADP will provide UK donors and investors with the information required to so by aggregating current data, supplementing it with original research, and making it widely available.

NIAS hopes to make data widely available to as many individuals and institutions as possible in order to encourage everyone to “Do Good the Right Way.”