Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines

We welcome the submission of original policy recommendations, research articles and reviews dealing with African development and cultural issues.

Submissions must be in English.

Submissions should be made as a word document via email to publications@africanstudies.org.uk.

Length:Blog posts should be between 500-600 words. Articles should be between 800-1200 words. If an article is significantly longer, consider making it into a series.
Originality:NIAS has a zero tolerance on plagiarism. We will not publish any articles that we feel are not your own. Any information sourced must be explicitly referenced. If the article is published anywhere else please let us know.
Referencing:Harvard referencing is recommended but not mandatory, the referencing style is up to you as long as it is consistent.
Content:We will not publish articles based wholly on secondary sources; as well as those that are purely statistical, philosophical or literary without relevant context.
Accuracy:Any statements that you claim to be true must have apt evidence. If a statement you make is defamatory and you lack the means of proving it then please do not include it in your submission.
Images:Any images you use must be your own. If you use images that aren’t yours then you must ensure that you have permission.
Collaborations:You can collaborate with other writers but please make us aware if this is the case and ensure all collaborators have agreed to the publication.

Your submission will be read and edited by our resident editors.

NIAS is an open access website with no charges for submission or publication and we are very glad to support scholars for their original high-quality research.

If you have any questions, contact us at publications@africanstudies.org.uk.